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We all have someone in our friend’s circle or families who love working on projects. For people whose lives revolve around DIY projects, giving them tools is one of the best presents you could get them. The DIY community has gained immense popularity with social media platforms providing people with more ideas for utilizing their time and saving money.

Here are some tools you can gift your family members or friends interested in DIY projects.

Smith Wesson Swpenmp2bk Tactical Pen.

Tactical pens are a great way to defend yourself when you go somewhere alone. Although there are multiple traditional designs available in the market, we prefer to choose something unique and attractive. Tactical pens are not just regular pens. They are a great way to open bottles and protect yourself when in danger. It allows you to shatter car windows or even defend yourself if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Worx Zipsnip.

Sometimes, you may not find your regular scissors helpful while doing a lot of snipping. Therefore, Worx’s Zipsnip cordless electric scissors are a great way to complete your DIY projects effortlessly. They quickly cut materials while eliminating hand cramps. It comes with an automatic sharpening system that does not let the blades go dull.

Retrieving magnet.

It is also a great DIY tool, mainly when repairing things and your child enters the room. It easily attracts metals thus allowing you to clear the place from sharp pointy materials. So, next time when you drop nails on the floor, use a retrieving magnet to remove the hazard quickly.

Universal socket.

Another great gift can be a universal socket. You can use it with drills and drivers, making it a perfect addition to your toolbox.

Home-It Mop and Broom Holder.

Who does not like a clean home? You can now easily purchase a mop and broom holder, and that too at a reasonable price. Rather than placing a mop and broom on the floor, you can quickly put them on the wall while clearing the mess from the floor and organizing them properly. Any DIYers would love to have their homes organized. So, next time you buy something for them, make sure you consider these holders to help make their spaces clearer and neater.

Kreg Circular Saw Guide.

The Kreg’s circular saw guide for people who love woodworking. It allows you to make long rip cuts while having complete control over the saw without hurting yourself. It is an excellent gift considering how expensive table saws are.

Smart Measure Tool.

Stanley’s Smart Measure Pro tool works with an app on your mobile phone to accurately measure pictures taken on your phone. If you are calculating the number of tiles you need for your bathrooms, take a photo of your bathroom, and the tool will automatically provide you with the exact number of tiles you would need.

Professional Leveling Kit.

Professional Leveling Kit acts like a second pair of hands, allowing you to hold and level things up. Moreover, it will not scratch your project while easing your DIY project.

Keep this list handy for the next time you have to get a gift for that DIYer family member or friend.

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