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Where DIYers Earn More.

We believe in the power of community in the way we approach home improvement. We understand the importance of trust, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, in the DIY process. We believe that every DIYer should have access to affordable supplies, the right tools, and the knowledge to use them, as well as the opportunity to connect with others and even make money from their supplies, tools, and skills.

Where DIYers Earn More.

We believe in the power of community in the way we approach home improvement. We understand the importance of trust, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, in the DIY process. We believe that every DIYer should have access to affordable supplies, the right tools, and the knowledge to use them, as well as the opportunity to connect with others and even make money from their supplies, tools, and skills.



As a buyer, you can save money buying and reusing used, and sometimes new supplies from locals in your neighborhood. As a seller, you can make money back from supplies that you no longer need. Everyone wins.

Save Money Now



Make money by selling used, unused, and leftover supplies and tools. You can also make money by renting out tools to locals within your community. There are NO fees to list and sell items on DIY Marketplace.

Make Money Now
Do It Yourself Marketplace



Don’t know what to do with those home improvement supplies that are taking up space in your garage or storage area? There are DIYers out there that can repurpose those items. Save space in your home by selling items that you no longer need, and rent out tools that are sitting so you can have more space and peace of mind.

Save Space Now

Save the Environment

Improve Home Improvement.

10% of all household latex and oil-based paint goes unused in the U.S. each year. That’s about 80 million gallons, and that is paint alone excluding other home improvement supplies that end up in landfills, illegally dumped, or poured down the drain.


Have you ever worked on a project at home but couldn’t complete it because you didn’t have all the tools? Did you think that you’re only options were:

  • Spend money buying tools or equipment but didn’t because of the cost and storage space.
  • Spend time calling people hoping that they might have the tools that you need so you can borrow them.
  • Ask one of your neighbors that you don’t know that well to borrow their tools.
  • Spend time driving to your nearest Home Depot to rent their tools but didn’t because of the complicated process.

Those days are over. You can connect and rent tools from locals in your neighborhood to complete your home improvement projects. If you have tools that you’re not using often, you can rent those tools out and help your neighbors complete their projects and save money while you make money.

The tools that you own cost you money, so you can make money renting your tools while you help a neighbor save money. Neighbors helping neighbors. Both win.

Be sure to check the Rent category inside of DIY Marketplace.

Rent Now


Are you working around your house because you are planning to move out?

Did a project DIY project turn out to be bigger than expected?

Do you have empty paint cans and need a safe place to dispose of them?

Do you need help installing your new windows, and garage door springs, or someone to help get your heating and AC working correctly?

We got you covered. Visit the Partners page and view Realtors, Plumbers, Contractors, Movers, Junk Removal, Painters, Electricians, Handymen, and other services in your area that can help you.

We made it a simple and easy process. You don’t have to send in your information and wait for a callback, and there are no pre-contact questions that you need to fill out before someone calls you back. Our partners’ contacts are available to you without any hassle.

Get Help Now


How can you help the environment? How can you help during this time when we are facing supply issues with fewer products available in stores and prices going up? How can you make home improvement more sustainable? These were questions that we asked ourselves and problems that we are going to solve together.

Environmental concerns have been an issue that we have all been facing over the years, with waste being one of the main issues at the forefront. The lingering effects of COVID-19 have also impacted the home improvement market due to a reduction in the production of goods and services, and the supply-chain shortages now happening are the result of struggles to return to pre-pandemic levels. With these issues at hand, we wanted to create sustainability within the home improvement industry. We looked at ways that we can have a positive impact on the environment while giving people access to available supplies and tools in a more sustainable way. We saw that there is a need for a dependable marketplace for DIYers.

That’s where DIY Marketplace comes in. DIY Marketplace was created for the creators. The DIYers. The ones who can reimagine through reuse and repurposing so that we can continue moving forward towards a more sustainable future in home improvement.

Save the Environment

Some of the items you can buy, sell, and rent.

“Why pay full price when you can buy and rent excess home improvement supplies on DIY Marketplace.”


Are you a paint company, contractor, or someone who has extra paint and paint supplies that are taking up space? Sell it to a neighbor.


Need a few screws, nails, or wall anchors? From bulk to just one screw; see who’s selling extra hardware on DIY Marketplace


Need a drill, screwdriver, or hammer to install your floating shelf? Do you have tools you no longer use? Rent or find a buyer/seller on DIY Marketplace.


Power Tools

Do you need a ladder, pressure washer, sprayer, or another tool to complete a project? Do you have tools in your garage or storage that are sitting? Rent to and from another local DIYer on DIY Marketplace.

Kitchen & Bath

Do you have leftover materials from a remodel? Backsplash not what you thought it would be? No time to go and return it at the store? Sell it on DIY Marketplace. 


Don’t know what to do with the extra rolls of electrical wire or extra light bulbs? Sell it here.

Landscape and Garden

Looking to improve your yard to match your freshly painted house? Find inspiration and buy on DIY Marketplace.

Tile and Flooring

Got extra tiles and flooring from your recent remodel? Another DIYer on DIY Marketplace can use it.


Bought PVC pipes and only used a few pipes? Sell the extra on DIY Marketplace.

A New Home Improvement Experience

10 out of 10 DIYers Love DIY Marketplace

Man, when I learned about DIY Marketplace I was hyped! Craigslist, OfferUp are way too crowded and Nextdoor has a bunch of people complaining all the time, so I stopped using all them. DIY Marketplace is not only for me, but also for the people that our company serves. What's also cool is that DIY Marketplace has resources that connects DIYers to professionals in case they need help. They're going to do a lot for the DIY community and the market as a whole. If you rent or own and you don't have the DIY Marketplace app on your phone, you're losing.

Tre WhitmannAssistant Project Manager (For Contractor)

Living in an HOA community, I had to paint my front door a specific color. My neighbor painted their front door a few weeks prior and had almost a full-quart left, so I bought the paint from them. It saved me money because I didn't have to pay the full retail price for the amount of paint I needed, and I still have paint left to paint another door, so I'll sell what I have leftover to someone else in my community.

Jaysen GarnerInterior Decorator

We had so much good paint and spackle leftover after repairing blemishes and painting the walls in our kids' room that it was taking up too much space in our garage. My husband and I didn't want to dump it and didn't know what to do until we came across DIY Marketplace. As a DIYer on the side, it was great being able to help another DIYer by selling our leftover supplies. We also use DIY Marketplace now to find inspiration from other DIYers out there. If you live in a house, apartment, condo, tiny home, big doesn't matter if you rent or own; if you're not using DIY Marketplace you're missing out!

Alley ChanTriage Nurse

I'm a tattoo artist by trade and an interior design enthusiast. Having a platform like DIY Marketplace helps me because I can buy supplies that someone might have dumped. Also, renting tools from others in my area has helped me because I'm able to save money by not buying more tools, and I can rent some of the tools that I have to others and can also make money. DIY Marketplace is the best app out there for home improvement.

Alex WhitmanTattoo Artist

As a contractor, my team often has leftover 5-gallon buckets of paint, flooring, screws, and other materials that we no longer need. When I learned about DIY Marketplace I was excited because our supplies can now go to someone else who needs it. Also, when doing texturing we had to rent sprayers from Home Depot. Now, we are renting power tools from other companies and even locals who may have the power tools that we need, cheaper than what we were renting them before. If you're a DIYer or professional and you're not using DIY Marketplace, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Keith BrewerGeneral Contractor

I absolutely love DIY Marketplace! When we do home repair work around our home, we used to go to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, but since we learned about DIY Marketplace, we don't use any other marketplace. DIY Marketplace puts us DIYers first and that is really cool. We are all about buying used when we can, and knowing that DIY Marketplace is helping the environment is awesome.

Sarah De SouzaSales Representative

Every person that lives under a roof should have the DIY Marketplace app. There are social media platforms where neighbors ask other neighbors to borrow tools, but that doesn't help each other. It's one-sided. On DIY Marketplace, I can rent out my tools to neighbors, and it helps them and me. If people are going to borrow my tools it costs me time and money. On DIY Marketplace I make money renting out my tools, and I'm also saving my neighbors time and money, so we all win. I also lost interest in those social media platforms because it's just a bunch of people being nosey and complaining. DIY Marketplace keeps it simple and gives us the supplies and tools we need without the rest of the nonsense.

Arun PatelBusiness Owner

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